Our Services

Marketing Strategy

Intelligent marketing strategies to deliver the best results for your business.

Campaign Management

Campaign planning and execution to achieve great results. 

Printed Media

Support for your teams with expertise and knowledge of print.

Content Creation

Thought provoking and interesting information for brand building and lead generation. 

Marketing Strategy

The right marketing strategy focuses your budget and resource into the right areas. Refining your target audience, deciding on the key messages that will be meaningful to your customers and making sure you are communicating this effectively will help you achieve your goals.

Marketing strategies start with agreeing the desired outcome for your organisation, defining the current situation and deciding a clear course of action. Whether it's brand building, product development or lead generation, we can help. 

Linford Marketing will look at your marketing and business goals, advise you on the best course of action for your budget and resources and provide the support you need.  

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Campaign Management

Campaign Management supports all areas of marketing and sales strategy including lead generation, lead nurturing and conversion. Knowing who you are targeting, the value proposition to your audience and executing the campaign on time and on budget are vital to sales success.

Research and insight drive the identification of the Buyer Persona and the decision of the right channels and content to connect with your prospects.

CIM qualified and with several years’ experience in marketing strategy, creation and execution, Linford Marketing know the value of a campaign efficiently and expertly handled and provide professional support for your marketing needs.

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Content creation


Creating and sharing useful, thought-provoking and interesting information with your customers drives your digital marketing, builds your brand awareness and fuels lead generation.

Initial stages of lead nurturing can be supported by high level content included in blogs and guides. More in-depth, how to and explainer campaigns encourage potential customers further down the pipeline to deliver sales qualified leads.

Linford Marketing will help you create the content that will encourage your future buyers to engage with you. To do this effectively we use a process for all content creation, whether it’s a full content calendar or a single blog. 

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Printed Media

Print adds a physical, tangible element to a marketing campaign to support the ease and immediacy of digital marketing. Using print shows that you value your customers’ attention, is considered more trustworthy as a source of information and is often kept for further reference.

Catalogues drive customers to buy online, direct mail builds brand and delivers sales and brochures and magazines provide an easy reading experience which is dipped into and retained.

With over 20 years of experience in the creation and delivery of print and mail, Linford Marketing understand print requirements and can help deliver this vital element of your marketing needs. 

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